about company 7

company 7 is a new musical project made up of Hans Anderson, Rebecca Anderson, Gabriel Craft, Rebekah Craft, and Bill Van Loo. The debut recording, “First Love”, is currently in progress (see timeline below).

“First Love” recording project timeline


Company 7 started a while back, but it’s hard to say exactly when since we’ve known each other going back decades.  The music will speak for itself, but you’ll probably notice influences from our individual and shared experiences playing worship services, coffeehouses, bars, clubs, house parties, and electronic music festivals.  Many ideas and collaborative sparks were germinating during this time.

Winter 2010

We started weekly rehearsals on weekend nights.  Babysitting funds were tight, so we would bring all our families together for dinner and then let our collective 8 kids hang out and play upstairs while we rehearsed in the Anderson basement space.  Rehearsals were punctuated by checking on the kids, refereeing kids’ disagreements, and coffee breaks…many coffee breaks.  Sometimes there was chocolate.

Spring 2011

Songs were starting to come together and we were on a roll with more lyrics, hooks, beats, and grooves than we had time to fully develop.  We decided to work towards selecting and refining our 4 or 5 best songs in order to record an EP sometime in the summer, and the resulting 5 tracks started to take their final form.  We also played out a few times at house parties and getting the real-time audience reaction was exciting.  We wanted to play more shows, but knew that we had to finish a recording first.

Summer 2011

We picked a solid week in the middle of August to start tracking at the Van Loo house.  We pooled our mics, cables, mixers, and headphones together, with Bill at the helm as recording engineer.  After tweaking drum mic placement, we started tracking drums, guitar, and bass the first few days which yielded the stellar drum tracks from Gabriel.   Bill and Hans laid down solid scratch tracks, some were keepers, others were re-recorded later on.  Tracking vocals began on day 3, and Rebecca and Rebekah took care of business with the majority of final lead and background vocals.  The week culminated in the group vocals and handclaps of the final “love, love, love…He is love” chorus.  The Van Loo performance space was great to record in, with only the occasional street traffic and summer day distractions to challenge us.

Fall & Winter 2011

After some initial post-session tracking and mixing, things slowed a bit with all our kids back-to-school and all our schedules maxed out with work, church, and family obligations.  There was a pivotal band meeting in November which helped us all better understand what Company 7 was and could be, a creative hub of people with ideas to share.  We wanted to perform live as Company 7, but this could also be a platform on which to nurture and showcase our other projects: Linen Ray, Rebecca Anderson, Bill Van Loo, Stereo Pair, and others.  Thanks to Adam Plomaritas, we ended the year playing a really fun show in December, opening up for Vitek at the Ann Street Music Room.

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